Did we have a TF:P Click and Drag game before this? Because if we didn’t, we’ve needed one. For those of you who don’t know how to play, just click and drag the gif off to the side so you can see who you end up with, then reblog with your results.

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    Best Friend: Knockout First Kiss: Bumblebee (dawww) Megatron (damn o3o) Knockout (makes sense) Megatron (awkward xD)...
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    Best Friends With: Knockout (Aw yes baby.) First Kiss With: Bumblebee (Awwwww) Sparkmates With: I think that’s...
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    best friends with Starscream first kiss with Knockout sparkmates with Knockout partners with Soundwave rivals with...
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    Best friends with Bulkhead *shrug* First kiss with… Bulkhead SPARKMATES WITH KNOCKOUT YES Partners with Megatron…well...
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    Best Friends with Optimus OuO First kiss with Hardshell O.O Sparkmates with Dreadwing O//w//O Partners with Soundwave...
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    best friends with: airachnid first kiss with: who the fuck is this? makeshift? shockwave? wtf? sparkmates with:...
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    quirkykeys i cant seem to make this work… Im on my ipad, i click and drag left or right and i end up with megs or
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    Best friends with Bumblebee
First kiss with Knock Out
Sparkmates with Megatron
Partners with Bumblebee
Rivals with...
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    best friends with Breakdown first kiss with knockout sparkmates with dreadwing :D partners with bumblebee rivals with...
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    Best friend: Soundwave First kiss: Bee Sparkmate: Soundwave Partners with: Optimus Prime Rival: Skyquake Cockblocked:...
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